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More businesses are turning to online sweepstakes as a way to increase traffic, interest, and loyalty. Sweepstakes work for everyone.

Your sweeps. Our services. Start to finish.

One call (or email, if you like) and Ennect Sweeps will handle all the details of your next sweepstakes, or all your sweepstakes:

  • Creation: You tell us what marketing or business goal you want to achieve and we'll create a sweepstakes that will help you achieve it, even down to suggesting prizes.
  • Writing and design: Great copy and design get more participation, and more information out of participants.
  • Legal: Sweepstakes rules and requirements vary widely from state to state — and you can't be wrong. We work with legal counsel who are sweepstakes specialists.
  • Management: We do everything: we get your sweepstakes up and running, manage entries (to make sure your rules — such as only one entry per day —are followed) and randomly select winners.
  • Analysis and insight: Getting your sweeps up and running is just the beginning. Our proprietary analytics and reports — coupled with our experience and insight — show you what's working well, what could work better, and what to do next.
  • EnnectConnect: The best way to get sweepstakes participation is to surround and engage participants. Use email reminders and referrals. Connect an event to your sweepstakes and manage it with Ennect Event. Tie a survey to your sweeps to get information with participation. We'll make all Ennect products work together to make the most out of your sweepstakes.

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