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Ennect Mail Turnkey Services

Total email campaign management. You order it. We design and manage it. You get more effective and efficient email campaigns.

The biggest problem most marketers have with email marketing campaigns isn't getting one going, it's keeping one going. Whether you're sending out customer-contact email, e-newsletters, or first-contact emails, the internal resources required to create and maintain a strong email marketing campaign are often pushed to the limit, and unable to balance the intensity of running an effective email campaign with all the other demands on their (and your) time.

That's where the huge experience-base, knowledge-base, and total service approach of Ennect Mail's Turnkey Service can make the difference.

Your campaign. Our services. Start to finish.

One email (or call, if you prefer) and Ennect Mail will handle all the details of your next marketing campaign, or all your campaigns:

  • Customization: Obviously, it's important that your email campaign reflect your brand, not look like some generic template. We'll make sure all campaign elements do that.
  • Strategic sense: The first question we'll ask you is what strategic result you want from your campaign, because that will drive the solution.
  • Writing and design: Great copy and design get more interest and more action out of recipients. Our award-wining creative teams make your campaigns compelling and effective.
  • Management: From list management to knowing the optimal days and timers to send tracking to bounce management to compliance with all can-spam regulations, we'll take care of every detail.
  • Analysis and insight: Mailing is just Step One. Analyzing what went on after the mail was sent is the difference between email that was just “sent” and email that was effective. We focus on open rates, click-through rates and many other metrics and constantly make recommendations on how to fine-tune your campaigns
  • EnnectConnect: The best way to connect with customers is to electronically touch them at many points. Build a short survey into your email to get more engagement (and more information). Announce a sweepstakes that acts as another way to stay close to customers or get interest from prospective customers. Create and market an event. We'll make all Ennect products work together to make the most out of your email campaign.

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