Get Noticed in Five Words (or less) 

Free Webinar: January 26th @ 2pm to 3pm ET

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Ask yourself this:

Do people really appreciate the value your business offers?

Are you connecting with hearts and minds or just talking to yourself?

Are you memorable or forgettable?


If your company is looking to generate more leads, unlock new revenue streams and close more business in 2017, then it's important that you get noticed.

The right words will help. They reflect your uniqueness, resonate with your most important stakeholders and lift your company out of a sea of sameness. Pair the right words with the right business strategy and you'll change your destiny.

In this webinar, you'll learn how successful marketers leverage language in ways that help them capture greater share of mind and generate more sales.

You'll also get the inside story of how a strategic business unit of a Fortune 500 manufacturer captured one huge idea in four words that revolutionized its industry and ultimately shifted the strategic direction of the entire corporation.

So come learn some rules of thumb, techniques and strategies for uncovering the words and ideas that will help propel your growth plan.


Who Should Attend?

This seminar is tailored to B2B professionals in marketing, sales, communications, & management.


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