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Market needs must be the first source of innovation for growing organizations. Use Ennect Sweeps to take a snapshot of where the market is and where it is going. At a fraction of the cost of mail sweepstakes, you can gain immediate insight into the mood of your customers — and you'll only pay for the responses you get back.

  • You'll gain valuable insight into customer trends
  • You'll discover reaction to new business decisions
  • You'll engage customers and keep them involved

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Client Success Story: Crossroads Development Group

How Crossroads Development Conducted Six Weeks of Market Research in Seven Days


Bush industries asked Crossroads Development to perform market research to find statistics and information on customer requirements before starting new office furniture development.


Bush wanted to interview potential customers prior to finalizing the design considerations for new types of furniture, test for style and finish preferences, and measure the consideration for purchase and price elasticity.


Crossroads used Ennect Sweeps to perform an online survey. They wanted to create a strong enough incentive to generate 200 interviews within a short time frame. People were asked to take 10 minutes to answer a survey and as a reward, they were entered to in a drawing to win one of two $250 gift cards.


Crossroads Development was able to condense six weeks of research into seven days, which shortened time to market and provided a huge competitive advantage. And, as a result of the survey, several features were added to enhance the style and functionality of the furniture.


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