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By converting your survey into a sweepstakes, you can watch as the number of participants soars. When you offer an incentive for filling out a survey, your customers will be more likely to answer in-depth questions about your organization, providing honest and valuable feedback for you. Ennect Sweeps tracks their responses in a handy graphical interface for you to review at your leisure.

  • You'll gain valuable insight into customer trends
  • You'll get hard data you can use to improve your company offerings
  • You'll develop customer loyalty by providing incentives and giveaways

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Client Success Story: ClickToBoat.Com

ClicktoBoat.com (Formally Navquest) Uses Ennect Sweeps to Gain Valuable Insight and Drive Web Site Traffic


Harry Sangha wanted to draw traffic to his Web site, NavQuest.com, while gaining important feedback about his company.


Harry decided an online sweepstakes would be the best way to get feedback, by providing incentive and making the process as easy as one, two, three. He partnered with sponsors and was able to provide exposure for advertisers and give away cool gifts like satellite radios and t-shirts.


Harry chose Ennect Sweeps to conduct his survey and sweepstakes. He wanted to make the process as simple as possible. Since his initial sweepstakes was completed, he has run three more, allowing sponsors to conduct surveys for their own businesses. ClicktoBoat.com promoted their sweepstakes through blogs, their e-newsletter, marine-enthusiast groups and by simply posting it on their homepage.


Since implementing Ennect Sweeps, Harry has seen increased traffic to his Web site, has been able to take the feedback and implement it, and has gained valuable contacts for his e-newsletter.


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