Easy and Insightful Internet Sweepstakes Software

Save Time. Look Professional. Get Insight Fast.

Real-time Reporting & Metrics

View visual quantitative data with cumulative results and individuals responses in a graphical interface.

Ensure reliability, based on sample size.

Exclusive HotPlots shows participation over time so you know exactly when to send a re-invite.

Pick Winners With Random Drawing

Achieve a truly random drawing for your sweepstakes.

Generate an actual mathematical random winner or set of winners

Make multiple drawings on demand

Keep your selections unbiased and fair

Brand Customization

Run customized sweepstakes with easy-to-remember URLs.

Customize your sweepstakes to support your brand logo, brand colors and brand messages.

Create a vanity URL for your sweepstakes site as well as customized brand-consistent invites and thank-you messages.

Simplified Interface

Simplicity is easy-to-promise and hard-to-achieve. Our customers tell us Ennect Sweeps has achieved it.

Enjoy point-click-type ease of entire interface, consistent placement of status and actions across all tabs, and simple explanations of what and why for each field and screen.

List Management

Ennect Sweeps utilities will free your IT department to focus on more important things.

Get powerful control of your lists and contacts: Add, update, merge, de-duplicate, subtract, transfer opt-outs from one list to another, opt a contact back into a list.

Share lists, opt-outs and bounce-backs with Ennect Mail, Ennect Event and Ennect Survey.

Hi-speed Broadcasting

Send your timed broadcasts with a peace of mind. Send emails at the rate of 40,000 to 60,000 per hour.


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