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Online Sweepstakes Helps Crossroads Development Condense Six Weeks of Market Research to Seven Days


  • Six weeks of research condensed to seven days with Ennect Survey.
  • Research drives style and function enhancements to product line.

After spending the last 28 years in marketing, Dan Telep knows the power of research. Focus groups, consumer panels, telephone surveys: he's been there, done that and whatever else it takes to learn consumer preferences and gather the intelligence his clients need. In his current role as the managing principal at Crossroads Development Group, Telep prides himself on giving clients the data and analysis they need to achieve their business goals. So, when Bush Industries asked Dan to condense six weeks of research into a mere seven days, he didn't even break a sweat. He had a secret weapon that would help him deliver: Ennect Sweeps.

A Crossroads Development client since 1987, Bush Industries has based more and more of its decisions on factual data. "Jim Schmidt, vice president of marketing and merchandising for Bush Industries, wants to have statistics and information in front of him prior to making a decision. The company is constantly measuring levels of customer satisfaction and assessing the customer requirements for new product development," said Telep.

Bush wanted to interview potential customers prior to finalizing the design considerations for new types and styles of furniture. With the help of Ennect, Crossroads Development was able to respond with an online survey that offered a powerful sweepstakes incentive.

"We wanted to create a strong enough incentive to generate 200 interviews within a short timeframe. People were asked to take ten minutes to answer a survey and as a reward, they were entered into a drawing to win one of two $250 gift cards. Since we limited the sweepstakes to just 200 people, each had a pretty good chance of winning," explained Telep.

Getting Research Data Back Quickly Offers Competitive Advantage

"With Ennect sweepstakes research software, we were able to design, execute and provide answers in less than seven days. If we had used the traditional approach to conducting research - the telephone - it would have taken six to eight weeks," Telep said. Crossroads Development was able to test for style preference and finish preference, as well as measure the consideration for purchase and price elasticity with the help of Ennect.

"Things are moving at such a fast pace; the time to market is critically important. Anything that can shorten this has tremendous value," Telep added. "That's where doing research electronically gives you a powerful edge. Three things stand out about Ennect Sweeps: the speed, the value and the fact that it generates amazing results."

"When a study can be turned around in less than one week, it gives a company two powerful advantages," Telep stated. "First, since everyone is multitasking these days, working faster and smarter is the norm. Being able to provide accurate, consumer preferences faster fits into today's new lean and mean organizational model. The second and most important advantage is that the actual speed to market is reduced. Being the first to market provides a huge competitive advantage."

Outsourcing to Ennect Makes Task Easier

"We're a very small company so even though Ennect Sweeps is available as a do-it-yourself product, I'm happy that Ennect also gives the option of handling the sweepstakes from start to finish. That makes it extremely easy," said Telep.

"Three things stand out about Ennect Sweeps: the speed, the value and the fact that it generates amazing results."

Dan Telep

Crossroads Development

Ennect helped organize the sweepstakes survey as well as the study's participants. Initially, Telep was considering using a pay per click campaign. "Ennect suggested a more strategic approach using specific forums and panels that enabled us to narrow the feedback to a specific target audience," said Telep. "This was quite cost effective and enabled us to have more control."

"The landscape for data collection has changed forever. Telephones are no longer the champion. I see a 30 to 40 percent decline in telephone surveys within the next four years. And that figure could even go higher. Electronic research is state-of-the-art; its time has come," said Telep.

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