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ClicktoBoat.com Uses Ennect Sweeps to Gain Valuable Insight and Drive Web Site Traffic



  • Sweeps helps web site increase traffic.
  • Easy, flexible administration.

Founded in 2003, ClicktoBoat.com (formerly Navquest) designs and develops expert marine directions, navigation and business geographic software for online, wireless and proprietary electronic navigational devices. The Internet's only free online marine navigation service, ClicktoBoat.com is the creator and owner of a digital route network for waterways, providing safe routes for mariners.

When Harry Sangha, president of ClicktoBoat.com, wanted to draw traffic to his web site and gain important feedback to help him grow his company, he thought a sweepstakes might be just the solution he needed. To keep the process as simple as possible, Sangha chose Ennect Sweeps to conduct his survey and sweepstakes. Web-based software that enables users to easily set up and administer online sweepstakes, Ennect Sweeps not only makes it easy to build sweepstakes surveys, it also provides visual analysis tools that help users quickly and effortlessly analyze results and draw random winners.

Once the sweepstakes program was set up, Ennect Sweeps helped Sangha gather the information he wanted from potential site visitors. "Ennect made the process as easy as one, two, three," said Sangha. To enrich the sweepstakes, Sangha partnered with sponsors. This allowed him to provide exposure for advertisers and offer interesting give-aways, like satellite radios and t-shirts, as incentives to sweepstakes participants.

Sponsors Join Sweepstakes Program

Since ClicktoBoat.com's initial sweepstakes, Sangha has run three others, allowing sponsors to conduct surveys for their own businesses. ClicktoBoat.com promoted their sweepstakes through blogs, their e-newsletter, marine-enthusiast groups and by posting the sweepstakes on its home page.

As a result of using Ennect Sweeps, ClicktoBoat has seen increased traffic to its web site. It has, also, been able to take the feedback it received and put it into practice. Additionally, it has gained valuable contacts for the company's e-newsletter.

"Ennect made the process as easy as one, two, three."

Harry Sangha


Online Surveys Simplify Data Gathering

“When we’ve surveyed in the past it’s often been with paper surveys gathered on the spot. This method wasn't ideal. At the conclusion of most events, people just want to leave and not bother with surveys. So the response rates aren’t as great as those we received from Ennect Survey,” Cardillo said, “and compiling data from paper surveys is extremely time consuming and a drain on the budgets of most clients. With a 34% response rate using Ennect Survey, we were thrilled!”

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