Easy and Insightful Membership Survey Software

Gain Insight into the Health of Your Organization

Your organization, first and foremost, is made up of members. The productivity of your organization depends on the way your members interact and respond to each other and to your goals and objectives. Use Ennect Survey to determine the best course of action you and your membership ought to take to be successful.

The Importance of Surveying Your Members

A survey is a great way to establish some sort of dialogue with your members to determine what they feel is working great in your organization... and what is not. Sometimes your expectations are not the expectations of your members, and a survey can allow you to peer into the heart of your organization before it's too late.

  • You'll learn why your members joined in the first place
  • You'll discover what you need to do to increase membership
  • You'll realign your objectives and expectations
  • You'll experience leaps and bounds in productivity and efficiency

Client Success Story: SMC Business Councils

Surveying Association Member Needs


SMC is an organization devoted to helping small businesses achieve success in today’s competitive market. In the past, SMC was forced to guess the needs of more than 5,000 small business leaders. They needed a way to survey their membership and keep in touch with them. They tried paper surveys, but found it difficult to evaluate all the comments.


SMC sensed that health care costs were a problem, but didn’t know how largely this affected their members. They decided the best approach would be to survey their members electronically.


SMC chose to increase communication with their members by using Ennect Survey to analyze member issues and concerns. Ennect Mail was also used to update members, and draw traffic back to their Web site.


By using Ennect Survey it became obvious that health care costs were the number one issue faced by small businesses. The survey also revealed specific concerns such as prescription drug costs. Ennect Survey enabled SMC to print responses on one sheet and, because the survey is conducted online, they got results within minutes. SMC has a much higher response rate when using Ennect Survey rather than paper surveys. This gave them a clearer view of their members’ concerns and it helped them restructure their focus.


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