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Carnegie Mellon Keeps its University Community Ennected


  • Instant delivery has made communication much more efficient, particularly internationally.
  • Insights from enewsletter open rates and survey results helps tailor future content.

Carnegie Mellon’s unique brand position is: "the university where technology and the arts combine to create innovations with global impact." A major challenge with maintaining any brand position is making sure it is consistently communicated in a way that resonates with its audiences. With students and faculty from around the world coming and going in sectors as diverse as the countries they represent, the university felt it needed to evaluate its communications strategy and effectiveness.

Under the direction of Marilyn Kail, assistant VP of marketing communications for the Department of Marketing and Media Relations, a crack team of marketers took a new approach to the problem. They created an initiative to develop a new family of publications that would exist not only in print, but online as well. Ennect tools offered the University creative and scientific ways to do this.

Emarketing Tools Help Unite Communications for Left and Right Brain Thinkers

"Since we were breaking new ground with these publications, it was important to us to have a high level of expertise and data behind what we were doing. I knew that Elliance, the company behind the Ennect tools, has deep experience in the emarketing space," said Kail. "Elliance was able to help us work out a solution that integrated our web site, e-mail broadcasting and online surveys."

Using Ennect Survey, Kail’s team was able to develop and measure feedback and create benchmarks for their project. Subsequent surveys showed them how much the awareness needle moved. With the speed and precision of the reporting available through emarketing tools, including real time data collection, Kail’s marketers are able to evaluate and adjust strategies as needed to achieve their goals. Another big benefit, of course, is delivery speed. Instant delivery has made communication much more efficient, particularly with international alumni.

"Marketing is a data-driven business. In a university like Carnegie Mellon, metrics are also highly valued. The more precisely we can measure areas of interest, the better we can zero in on which topics have appeal to our key audiences both in and outside of the university. In addition, when we can tailor future content based on those insights, the more effective and relevant we can be. With such a diverse base of faculty and students, staff and alumni, this approach is key," Kail explained.

Maximizing Return on Investment

"Ennect's real-time reporting dashboards allow us to demonstrate return on investment to our stakeholders."

Marilyn Kail

Assistant VP of Marketing Communications
Department of Marketing and Media Relations
Division of University Advancement
Carnegie Mellon University

Previously the VP of public relations at a national agency where she oversaw cause marketing for large non-profits, Kail is sensitized to the issues non-profit organizations face. As a result, she knows the importance of obtaining the maximum possible return on investment from every dollar she spends. When a dollar spent on marketing is a dollar that could go towards a scholarship for a student, or to support world-class research, there's no room for fluff.

"Marketing is about ROI. We always need to demonstrate return on investment to our stakeholders. Ennect's real-time reporting dashboards allow us to do so, with a speed and precision that we believe is breaking new ground in higher education," Kial said.

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