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  • Ennect Survey helps analyze member issues and concerns.
  • Ennect Mail keeps members updated and draws traffic back to the group’s Web site.

SMC Business Councils is an organization devoted to helping small and medium-size businesses achieve paramount success in today's competitive market. Before using Ennect tools, SMC was forced to guess the needs of its more than 5,000 members. But after using Ennect Survey, Lee Taddonio, president of the SMC, was able to completely restructure his organization's focus. What he learned from direct member feedback has given SMC the insight to conquer the demand for low cost health care.

Ennect Helps SMC Discover Members’ Need for Affordable Healthcare

"The surveys have been very useful in helping us address specific health care needs for our member businesses. We sensed that health care costs were a problem, but didn't know how largely they affected our members. By using Ennect Survey, it became obvious that health care costs were the number one issue faced by small businesses. The survey also revealed specific concerns such as prescription drug costs," explained Taddonio. "Our members are very enthusiastic about the surveys. They appreciate that we're asking them questions and showing interest in their feedback."

The organization had done paper surveys previously, but with paper surveys it was more difficult to read all the comments. By using online surveys, SMC can print the comments out on one sheet. Another convenience with the online system is that users can send out a survey and get results 15 minutes later.

"The response rate is much higher than with any other surveys we've done in the past and I think it gives us better quality data," Taddonio said. "That's one of the reasons I consider our surveys to be more accurate. Ennect Survey has helped us to refocus our organization, and now we dedicate all our government advocacy efforts toward alleviating health care costs."

"It's nice to be able to do everything with your fingertips. When we need a survey now, we can distribute one within 30 to 45 minutes," commented Taddonio. "It's a win - win situation. The members are really pleased with it, and we're getting critical information we need to run our business."

Ennect Mail Helps with Member Communications

"Ennect Survey has helped us to refocus our organization."

Lee Taddonio

SMC Business Councils

SMC also uses Ennect Mail to communication with its members. "Years ago we conducted all correspondence by regular mail and it was so expensive. Email has become a much more efficient way to communicate with our members. Ennect Mail highlights specific issues that link the member back to our website," Taddonio explained.

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