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Unloading Inventory

The Importance of Promoting Extra Items Through Email

There's never too much of a good thing. Turn overstock into profit by offering discounts directly to customers with Ennect Mail e-mail promotions. You'll keep your contacts more than happy to receive future mailings, and you'll encourage others to sign up to your mailing list.

  • You'll turn excess inventory into profit
  • You'll keep in touch with contacts
  • You'll generate customer loyalty by providing discounts

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Client Success Story: A Mothers Boutique

A Mother’s Boutique Sends E-Mail Promotions, Unloads Inventory


A Mother’s Boutique, an online retail store specializing in clothes and accessories for new mothers, wanted a way to reach clients and prospects to increase sales on their Web site.


Owner, Judy Masucci, decided to run e-mail promotions that she could track easily and efficiently. She divided her contact list into customers and prospects, tailoring communication to each group. By providing a discount, and including a promotional code, she would be able to track the number of customers who purchased due to her promotion.


Judy focused her campaigns around holidays, including Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and the “birthday” of her business. She chose Ennect Mail to send her communications because she can track exactly who has opened and clicked on her e-mails.


With Ennect, Judy knows not only who ended up purchasing, but also who clicked on the site and didn’t purchase. This is valuable information that she can use in the future to increase the effectiveness of her campaigns. The history of each of her contacts is stored in Ennect, and she can track “Hottest Prospects.”


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