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The Importance of Sending New Product Releases Electronically

Use Ennect Mail to announce new products to the market and drive qualified leads with discount offers, demos and trial offers. View the "click-through" report in your reporting dashboard to make your call list. You'll make sure your new products don't go unnoticed.

  • You'll generate buzz about your growing brand
  • You'll drive sales with item promotions
  • You'll increase customer loyalty

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Client Success Story: Meisner Direct

Meisner Direct Adds E-Marketing to its Bag of Tricks With Ennect


Meisner Direct, a full-service advertising agency, needed to promote the sale of “non-electric” products and services for their client, Cobb Energy.


Meisner created a promotion that used a combination of traditional and newer media approaches: CD-ROM, print mail piece and e-mail.


Cobb Energy electric customers received a welcome kit, which included the CD-ROM, and then Meisner sent follow-up letters, and follow-up e-mails using Ennect Mail.


Ennect Mail has given Meisner an easy way to get e-mails out, and track their open and click-through rates. In their campaign for Cobb Energy, they saw that the number of customers purchasing an additional product was almost triple the original goal, and the average marketing cost per product was half of the expected cost.


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