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Client Success Story

Helping Association TRENDS Survive the Mother of all Deadlines


When Jill Cornish, president and publisher of Association TRENDS, found out her printer was closing, she needed a way to translate her print publication to an e-newsletter, and distribute it to her 7,000 subscribers. Fast. She’d never missed a deadline and wanted to make sure she was still able to deliver her publication on time.


Before, the print edition of Association TRENDS was taking two to three weeks to reach some subscribers by mail. And because it’s a weekly newsletter, the content is time sensitive news. By sending an e-newsletter, Association TRENDS would reach its audience much faster. Association TRENDS decided to publish electronically each week, while continuing to print one special focus issue each month.


Jill had thought about doing an e-newsletter for some time, and the demise of her printer was just the incentive she needed to do it. They wanted the layout to look professional and match the feel of their print publication. By using Ennect Mail, Association TRENDS was quickly able to disseminate their publication online. Now they send weekly e-newsletters and mail one monthly special print issue.


Thanks to Ennect Mail, Association TRENDS did not miss their publication deadline. Ennect Mail makes it easy for Association TRENDS to see which articles subscribers are actually opening and reading and what they’re not opening. By going electronic, they’re able to get feedback on what to include in future publications, while drawing more traffic to their Web site.


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