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Client Success Story

Using eMarketing to reach the millennial generation


St. Edward’s University needed a better way to reach out to prospective students, who have the expectation that the Internet and technology will be part of the support structure at a college or university.


When using permission-based e-mail for recruiting purposes, St. Edward’s is really trying to open the door for the admission counselor to begin one-on-one dialogue. At the same time, since their potential students have grown up with the Internet, it’s the natural channel to engage them for prospecting purposes. Research shows that more students are turning to the Web to find prospective colleges.


St. Edwards chose Ennect Mail partly because of its extensive reporting tools and because it’s so easy to set up and use. They used it for domestic and international recruiting, promoting alumni events, driving online registration, fundraising and a national recruiting program.


St. Edwards has experienced repeated success with Ennect Mail. First, an e-mail to alumni beat both the industry open rate and the higher education click-through rate. Next, an e-mail targeting potential science students tripled the industry click-through rate and exceeded the corresponding higher education benchmark five times over. Then, a broadcast promoting a program’s anniversary party exceeded the industry open rate by nearly six times and substantially beat the higher education benchmark for click-through rates.


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