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B2B Email Marketing is a Great Way to Develop Relationships

Cultivate relationships with existing clients and prospects by keeping them updated on business developments, new products, promotions and news. Ennect Mail is a perfect way to keep your company top of mind.

  • You'll get an edge on customer acquisition and retention
  • You'll drive traffic to your Web site
  • You'll spread the word about your company

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Client Success Story: Ken Slauf & Associates, Inc.

Ken Slauf & Associates Uses Ennect to Cultivate Customer Relationships


Ken Slauf & Associates (KSA) a strategic marketing partner for the manufacturing sector, was looking for ways to help his clients with customer acquisition and customer retention.


Ken wanted a way to not only reach his clients via e-mail, but also help his clients achieve their business goals through e-mail marketing. Ken realized e-marketing was a good way to develop relationships and understand customer needs.


Ken chose to use Ennect Mail both for his own business, as well as his clients’ needs. He had such great success with his own newsletter that he decided to use Ennect Mail for clients, helping them drive traffic to trade show booths, solicit webinar attendance and launch new products.


While using Ennect Mail, Ken typically gets a response rate anywhere between 25 and 40 percent. He usually sends out 2,000 pieces of e-mail for a client and they'll get 300 or 400 responses. Ennect has enhanced the relationships Ken has with his clients.


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