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Do you have any idea what it takes to operate a citrus grove? Most people don’t. Securing permits, installing irrigation systems, fertilizing, applying herbicides, creating a strategic plan for the grove, complying with government policies, then of course, harvesting and marketing the fruit: it’s time-intensive and complex.

That’s why Kahn Citrus Management (KCM) exists—to help grove owners every step of the way. But, if they are busy managing thousands of acres of groves throughout central Florida’s citrus-producing counties, how does KCM find the time to grow their own business? They use Ennect’s email marketing software.

Email as a Time-Saving Marketing Tool

As a full-service company that provides grove development, caretaking and marketing expertise, KCM needs to keep top-of-mind awareness with a wide variety of people. Of course, they need to be in touch with grove owners who might need to outsource some of their tasks. Real estate agents are a good source of referrals since they can tell KCM when a grove is for sale, in case KCM wants to purchase the grove or assist the new buyer. And, attorneys are another referral source since they can recommend KCM’s services to a client who is using a grove as an investment opportunity.

As you can see, keeping in touch with so many contacts is vital. Thanks to Ennect, it’s now easier than ever.

According to Donna Brown, executive secretary for Marvin Kahn, CEO of KCM, “We used to mail hard copy letters to anyone who might know of a grove for sale. Ennect email marketing software tool is so much easier, it opens up a vast area that we didn’t have access to before.”

Ennect Delivers Results for Multiple Accounts

Marvin Kahn, CEO of KCM is on the board of directors for the Florida Citrus Growers Association (FCGA) and he’s chairman of the Highland County Republican Party Precinct Development Committee. Ennect has been used to send email blasts on behalf of both groups and while all of these blasts had a different purpose, they all were deemed a success. In fact for the FCGA, the open rate was an astounding 39 percent. In addition, Donna from KCM loves the software’s numerous tools.

“We used the list clean up tools and it was very easy to export the good email addresses, look at who opened it, who resulted in a soft bounce, etc.,” explains Donna. “There are so many ways we can use this, it is kind of mind boggling.”

KCM Gives Kudos to Customer Support

Recently, a business colleague suggested that Donna might want to check out another email marketing software tool. She looked at the website and decided to stick with Ennect.

"I get great customer service with Ennect. It’s amazingly helpful to have someone there to answer my questions."

Donna Brown

Executive Secretary

“First, it did not look as user-friendly as Ennect but more importantly, I get great customer service with Ennect. It’s amazingly helpful to have someone there to answer my questions,” adds Donna.

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