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blue tomato® Selects Ennect Mail as Designer-Friendly Platform for Customer E-newsletters


  • The Ennect platform is designer-friendly.
  • Easily embed graphics or video links in e-newsletters.

blue tomato®, a nine-year-old Pittsburgh-based graphic and web design firm, is the brainchild of Kim Collins. As owner and creative director, Collins fosters work that is known for its sophisticated creativity and functionality, bringing style and experience to clients in need of creative concepts and designs that achieve results.

"We do a lot of branding for new products and new companies," says Collins. "We work with idea makers, entrepreneurs, and start-ups—businesses like NeuroInterventions, Brush Footwear and the Max Talbot Foundation. We love working with innovative clients."

While blue tomato's work covers the full gamut of design projects, the bulk of its work is Internet-based, including solutions that help companies maintain ongoing and direct touch with their customers through the Web. One of the mainstay platforms in blue tomato's arsenal is Ennect Mail.

Email as Effective Marketing Tool

"I'm not quite sure how I learned about Ennect, but I've been using it for years," says Collins who regularly puts out Tomato Sauce—a custom-designed newsletter built on the Ennect Mail platform. The enewsletter keeps contacts abreast of blue tomato developments and is a regular reminder of the creative work they do.

"It's been a very effective tool for blue tomato," says Collins. "I usually include an article from a recent press release and showcase a client project we are working on. We send it out to our house list of customers and prospects which we've built over time."

One month's enewsletter focused on the South Side Pittsburgh Tree Project, a community effort to spruce up the local neighborhood by planting trees. To increase reader interest, blue tomato's e-newsletter included a YouTube video that showed off the volunteers' efforts.

Ennect Mail Is a Designer-Friendly Platform

"We do this for our clients... not just for ourselves," says Collins. "As a design shop, we have the capabilities to do custom built designs for e-newsletters. We've tried using other email programs for this. A client once asked us to send out their emails using another vendor's product, because they knew the name. We tried doing a custom-build in that product and it was a nightmare. It took so long. It never worked right."

"The Ennect Mail program is 'awesome.' I refuse to build in any other program but Ennect now. If a client comes to me and says they want a newsletter, I tell them, 'Ennect Mail is the program we use. We will build your newsletter in it and we will help you use it.'"

"Do subject lines affect my email opens? Yes, they do. We have also experimented with the length of the body copy. I am conscious of the fact that a lot of people are reading our emails on their smartphones, so I want to keep the content as short and crisp as I can."

Kim Collins

Owner & Creative Director
blue tomato

Designing Special Email Announcements

"One of the reasons our customers like e-newsletters is that they're more eco-friendly than sending out printed mailers," says Collins. "The nice thing about it is that once an e-newsletter is created, we can send it out right away—so that the news can be very timely," says Collins. "And using Ennect, there are no problems with the design. So, it works out great," Collins adds.

Collins also recently launched the new official website of Pittsburgh Penguin forward Maxime Talbot. The graphic image on this page shows the Ennect Mail Collins created and sent out to announce the launch.

For more about blue tomato design, go to their website: www.bluetomatodesign.com.

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