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Ken Slauf & Associates Uses Ennect to Cultivate Customer Relationships


  • Email marketing drives b-to-b customer acquisition and retention.
  • Response rates increase to between 25 and 40 percent with Ennect Mail.

Some agencies create memorable spots that are aired during the Super Bowl. They excel at using such forms of media to reach mass consumers. Ken Slauf & Associates (KSA) is not that kind of agency. KSA is more of a strategic marketing partner for the manufacturing sector. The agency focuses on two crucial objectives: helping clients acquire customers and helping retain them. When you consider that most of KSA’s clients' customers can be valued at anywhere from $5,000 to $500,000, it's easy to see why every customer is important. Ken Slauf uses Ennect to help clients cultivate their customer relationships and, also, to help with their own marketing efforts.

In business for more than 20 years, Slauf’s trademark tag line is "Where ideas get down to business." A business-to-business (b-to-b) marketing consultancy, the agency is not about cranking out tactical marketing materials. KSA focuses on the strategic issues that help clients identify their best markets. Emarketing plays an increasingly important part in the overall mix that KSA offers its clients.

Emarketing Plays Larger Role in Strategic Marketing Mix

“Emarketing has become important in helping our client base develop one-to-one relationships and better understand what their customers need. What we're trying to do is open a dialogue. Once you begin to develop a relationship between the buyer and the seller, the ability to deliver fresh information right to someone's desktop is very critical,” said Slauf.

Several of KSA’s clients are using Ennect Mail. They are attracted to it because of the cost factor. “Everyone is looking at their budgets and trying to squeeze the most out of each dollar,” said Slauf. “Once they see the results, they are pleasantly surprised. Our traditional direct mail has been averaging five or six percent return and that's because we have a very targeted audience. We've been getting responses with Ennect that have been anywhere between 25 and 40 percent. We might be sending out 2,000 pieces of email for a client and they'll get 300 or 400 responses.”

KSA has been very successful in using Ennect Mail to boost customer interest in client activities. “Back in 2002, the attendance for a particular trade show was off about 30 percent, but my client experienced a 50 percent increase in booth attendance, and he attributes it to the pre-show activities that we did for him. We've used it to solicit webinar attendance for several clients. We've also used it for a new product launch where we had a teaser and then a direct URL that went to new technical information on a client's web site,” Slauf said.

“I've had several clients who had been skeptical but were very pleasantly surprised with the results. I think it adds to our credibility and expertise as marketing people to be able to help our clients work more efficiently, more productively, and garner a larger share of business,” commented Slauf.

Increase in Productivity

“What's always amazing to me is that one or two people now have the same productivity of what had traditionally been a staff of up to 10 people. We used to have designers who did marker comps through key lines, and we even had our own typesetters in-house,” said Slauf. “Technology has changed all of that.”

"We've been getting responses with Ennect that have been anywhere between 25 and 40 percent."

Ken Slauf

Ken Slauf & Associates, Inc.
1 North Main Street
Lombard, IL 60148

“When I first started in business I created a newsletter. Everyone thinks a newsletter is a great idea, but the production was intensive in those days,” said Slauf. “With Ennect, you can write three or four issues in a block of time and the production time is quite limited. The delivery system is wonderful because it goes right to a person's desktop and all the associated costs with it are greatly reduced. I find it to be a great way to communicate with both my clients and my prospects.”

KSA started using Ennect early on. “We gave it a shot almost immediately when I had learned about the service a few years ago. I started using it first for my own newsletter. It has been very successful. I've gotten a couple of pieces of business totally from a reactive, not a proactive, sale. Someone just called up and said, 'Can you come in and talk to me?'”

“I tell my clients that the power of Ennect is two things. Number one is customer retention and number two is prospecting,” said Slauf. “For any company that has customers they need to keep in touch with and prospects that they need to sell to, what else could you ask for?”

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