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Gathering Attendees for the Perfect Job Fair

Job fairs and career fairs are the best way to bring together potential employees and employers. But the amount of preparation required to host a job fair can seem daunting. Ennect Event empowers you to effortlessly handle career fair registrations and attendee signups.

The Importance of Job Fair Registration

If you're looking to gather together career and job fair attendees from across the country, or even just from a local trade school, there's no better way than with an online registration process. Ennect Event offers deep levels of customization and control. You can even handle attendee and exhibitor registrations from the same interface.

  • You'll help your attendees learn about your career fair
  • You'll offer them a simple and secure way to register
  • You'll provide exhibitors with a hassle-free registration
  • You'll be able to automatically print name badges
  • You won't have to worry about credit card fees or paperwork

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