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Like many non-profits, the local Ventura County chapter of the International Ninety-Nines, Inc., relies on volunteers to drive its fund-raising activities. With the help of online event registration software from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based Ennect™, the training programs this group of West Coast women aviators runs—and the monies they raise—have really taken flight! All without burning up valuable volunteer time and resources.

Ennect Helps Optimize Volunteer Resources by Streamlining Registrations

One of the missions of the Ventura County Ninety-Nines, a group of more than 90 women pilots who live or fly in Ventura County, California, is to provide aviation education in the community. It's a way of getting more women to take control of the skies, but it also helps students, men and women general aviation pilots and professionals who need to acquire or brush up on their flying skills. And, it raises a lot more funds for the group than cake sales ever could.

The group held its first training class in 2002. By 2005, classes were so popular that managing registrations was a real problem. People would call in, register by email or show up for class without warning. The group of volunteers couldn't take credit cards, so bookkeeping—as well as registration—issues were eating up valuable volunteer time, putting the program in jeopardy.

Because they didn't have the resources to effectively manage the situation, the Ventura County chapter decided to try outsourcing. In exploring solutions for their payment and registration sign-up problems, they found Ennect's emarketing suite. "Ennect offered us an inexpensive service that was competitive with everything else we had looked at," said Susan Liebeler, Fund-Raising Chair of the International Ninety-Nines' Southwest Section, to which the Ventura County chapter belongs.

Ennect Integrates Registration and Accounting

The online registration program, Ennect Event, that the Ventura County Ninety-Nines uses, provides an "one-stop-shop" for handling the group's training program registrations and accounting. It allows the chapter to market its programs as well as offer multi-level pricing: different types of season passes as well as single day event pricing.

Chapter member, graphic designer and owner of ShowsPlus, a local marketing consulting firm, Pat McCollum, stated, "Popping graphics into the Ennect Event template was a cinch! It was truly effortless and helped us create a more compelling online site."

"And, when we had questions, Ennect's customer service was really responsive. They even came up with ideas to help us get people to sign up—like early bird pricing—and showed us how to save money by treating multiple classes as a single event. Ennect Event has saved our volunteers an amazing amount of time and effort," said Liebeler.

"…when we had questions, Ennect's customer service was really responsive."

Susan Liebeler

Fund-Raising Chair
International Ninety-Nines' Southwest Section

With Ennect Event's help, the Ventura County Ninety-Nines have not only solved their registration and bookkeeping problems, they've been able to more than double the number of classes offered. Today, attendees come from all over California—from San Francisco, San Diego, the desert communities, and even from Nevada. Last year, they had over 600 registrations for their classes. This year, they've sold more season passes than ever before.

Training Programs Reap Fund-Raising Rewards

As a result, the Ventura County Ninety-Nines have been able to give back, not only to the community of women pilots, but to the greater community as well. Their proceeds have allowed them to host career days for student groups and Girl Scouts. They've also been able to increase the dollar amount and number of annual scholarships they offer from two to six, create a permanent endowment for the International Ninety-Nines' Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship, and offer a $20,000 matching grant to help fix the roof at the Oklahoma City headquarters of the Ninety-Nines.

All this has been done without burning up critical volunteer resources. "Ennect is an important tool for non-profits or for anyone who has to carefully manage their limited resources," said Liebeler.

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