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Business Consulting Firms Use Ennect to Solidify Customer Connections


  • Integrated email, survey and event management save effort and time
  • Increased customer insight helps build better ongoing relationship

ERE is a full-service accounting and financial consulting firm with offices in New York City and Westchester County, NY. Their affiliate, Fiscal Management Associates, provides fiscal management, accounting, organizational and technology consulting services to not-for-profit organizations. The two firms wanted to build deeper relationships with their clients but needed to be careful about increasing their own administrative time or costs.

Ennect Suite: A Powerful Combination

"We had an interest in communicating more frequently with clients, and we knew from industry data that people tolerated a higher degree of email, especially if you handle it in such a way to provide choices about when and how to opt in or out. We realized that we needed a broadcast email product and reviewed dozens of options across a wide continuum of price and features," said Susan Lanfray, director of marketing, ERE & FMA.

"I really felt that Ennect's suite of tools fit our needs and our budget. The combined value of Ennect Email, Survey and Event exceeded the sum of each part. Ennect understood the challenge facing a firm such as ours: how to get more done without adding administrative time and costs. Plus, Ennect shared our commitment to continuous quality improvement. I felt that we would have a voice in how Ennect products evolved. It's such a basic rule of business, but a lot of people forget to listen to their customers," said Lanfray.

Ennect Event Leads to Surprising Results

When it came time to launch the firms' first online event registration, Ennect Event made it easy for the firms to merge and upload their mailing list databases. Ennect Event also allowed ERE and FMA to maintain brand integrity when sending information to clients. "Brand awareness depends on frequency. Frequency and consistency engender trust. Our customer relationships draw heavily upon that trust, and so we liked that Ennect understood the need for brand consistency and a seamless presentation of our firm," said Lanfray.

"Ennect allows us to gauge and to listen more closely to our client's needs and concerns."

Susan Lanfray

Director of Marketing

"Everything we studied about online registration adoption and satisfaction led us to believe that we were doing the right thing. But we were still unprepared for the overwhelming response. We more than doubled the number of registrations we expected. It was a very happy surprise. We had to close registration and offer the training a second time," said Lanfray. "And the reports Ennect generated opened a whole new world of insight about our clients. This kind of customer feedback and trending has been invaluable."

Ennect Offers Long-term Value

Lanfray sees Ennect adding two kinds of long-term value. One is enabling their brand to reach wider circles. The other is that she can track client behavior and responses at a far more granular level. Previously, they couldn't gauge an event's relevance until all of the registrations were in. Now, in minutes, they know who's opening, who's clicking through, and who's responding.

"Plus, we can use Ennect Mail and Ennect Survey to pre-market training events," Lanfray commented. "We can ask our clients to shape our curriculum and they, in turn, feel a much greater sense of ownership. Our next step is to bring Ennect Sweeps into the mix. It will become another communications tool for us, and another way to extend our brand."

"Ennect allows us to gauge and to listen more closely to our client's needs and concerns. This paves the way for cross-selling, but it's never a one-way exchange. We're presenting information, but also gathering it," said Lanfray. "Our goal is to achieve a one-to-one level of marketing. The Ennect emarketing tools allow us to execute in such a way that we can reach a community of individuals and, step-by-step, come to know exactly how to address their unique service needs."

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