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Ennect Event Helps Foundation Streamline Eye Exam Clinics


  • Online event registration cuts appointment wait times
  • Ennect Event handles paperwork ahead of time

Give the Gift of Sight, a Luxottica Group Foundation, is a family of charitable programs providing free vision care and eyewear to underprivileged individuals in North America and developing countries around the world. Part of the Foundation's State-side activity revolves around delivering free eye examinations to US school children. But in delivering its services, Luxottica came head-to-head with a real problem. It was becoming overwhelming and time consuming to register the thousands of children who showed up at their clinics. Luxottica went looking for a more efficient way to manage the process of working with local schools when setting up their eye exam clinics. That's when it found Ennect.

Coordinating a Successful Charitable Event

Most organizations look for ways to do things faster, easier and cheaper. When you're a nonprofit, such improvements are critical, not just to your bottom line but also to the mission of delivering care to those who most need it. For Luxottica this meant delivering eye exams to as many as 5,000 students coming to its clinics. The Foundation needed a way to pre-register the children and get all the paperwork out of the way before they came to a clinic. Otherwise, children would show up and wait 20 to 40 minutes as the necessary paperwork was filled out before they could be seen.

Give the Gift of Sight selected Ennect Event to help it easily capture information about the students and register them for the examinations. Now, when children show up, the information—like pre-approved permission slips for the exams—is already available because everything has been done beforehand. And the tedious long wait times are over.

"Using Ennect is a huge timesaver. It makes it much easier to pull quick reports."

Janet Duke

Global Operations Group Manager
Gift of Sight
Luxottica Retail

With Ennect Event, nonprofit event registration is made easy. Attendees can easily access information and details about the event ahead of time. Online registration saves time and removes the problems associated with onsite paperwork. Name badges can be printed beforehand and contact lists can be stored for future use. These types of capabilities are what made Ennect a good match for Luxottica.

"Using Ennect is a huge timesaver, and makes it much easier to pull quick reports," said Janet Duke, Global Operations Group Manager, Gift of Sight, Luxottica Retail. "Ennect has helped us provide a better-quality experience for school nurses, aids and students. The overall quality of care and experience is 10 times better."

Luxottica's Give the Gift of Sight has changed it's name to OneSight.

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