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We've been around since "the Internet" was a phrase that tech people started to use (our founder was at Carnegie Mellon University in the early days). We still have that sense of excitement, passion, and possibility that was felt back then (though, to be honest, some of our folks weren't even alive at that point).


We said "passion" up there. It wasn't an accident. The real trick is not so much having passion, but keeping it, and using it to help stay focused. We are passionate (and focused) about three things:

  1. Making sure our clients understand that the web is all about results. We don't do anything for show. Everything that is on every web site, in every SEM strategy, or built into every eMarketing tool is there to produce a result.
  2. Putting tools in the hands of people who need and will use them. Marketers are more pressed for time and more pressed for results than ever before. We design, build, deploy, and support eMarketing tools that help them get their many jobs done.
  3. Keeping the customer engaged and at the center of everything. The web, and the tools that surround it, is the ultimate customer connection -- or disconnection -- machine. Do it right, you have a customer for life. Do it wrong, and the customer is gone in .2 seconds. We work very hard to make sure our clients do it right.


So what are we like to work with?

  • We're fun. Bored people don't do good work. Bored clients don't get good work. But when both are engaged, you get beauty.
  • We're cross-disciplinary: We have new media designers and newspaper reporters, real-world financial experts and experts in virtual worlds, college dropouts and college professors...an eclectic group who push each other, pull each other, and get the best out of each other to get the best for our clients.
  • We're successful. But only because we've helped our clients to be. And that's the best reward, and best result. Don't just take our word for it, though: look at the work, read quotes from our clients, check out the awards we win. And then write or call us. The fact that you've read this far suggests that we might be someone you'd like to know more about.

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